Workprint Innovations Offers Video Production Applications for Mobile Devices



Workprint Innovations Offers Video Production Applications for Mobile Devices

CHICAGO (Sept 10, 2012) Workprint Innovations is the latest commercial enterprise headed by Matthew Cimaglia that designs, develops, and distributes video production applications for iOS and Android operating systems. These applications distill the complicated and expensive processes, equipment, and techniques that are ingrained within the video production industry into an easy-to-use and fun experience that can be shared with friends.

“I wanted to combine my experience working in the video production industry as CEO of Cimaglia Productions with my growing knowledge of and interest in online communications, social networking, and digital media,” said Matthew Cimaglia, when asked to comment on his new business venture.

The applications available through Workprint will allow any user to instantly modify the video they shoot in one of a variety of ways, depending on the particular application. All of the applications will make it easier to brand video content, regardless of how it is used. Branded video content is a video that is easily identifiable as belonging to a particular brand, achieved by adding a logo, name, or other identifiable feature to the entirety of the content in addition to post and prior, if desired.

For pleasure or for business, video can be a powerful tool to describe the world around you. Whether you’re focused on your company’s image, branding, and profits, or more concerned with making funny videos for your friends, Workprint has the video production applications you need to accomplish your goal.

About Workprint Innovations
Workprint Innovations designs, develops, and distributes applications for mobile devices that allow users to create videos. They replace the expensive and complicated equipment and software within the video production industry with easy and fun-to-use applications.