Design & Development

Workprint Innovations provides simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use in all products. To do so requires a steeled focus on and commitment to these characteristics in all aspects of creation. Whether we are focusing on the user interface, the aesthetics, or the coding of the application itself, we are constantly moving towards those ideals..

Marketing & Distribution

All applications created by Workprint Innovations will be available for download from the iTunes App Store. In addition, applications for Android operating systems, vendored by Google Play, will be available as well. We work hard to make our services available in the most convenient manner available, without bothering you with intrusive or irritating advertising.

Consulting Services

If, in addition to the apps currently available, you have interest in receiving consultation on any or all parts of an applications creation and monetization, please contact us with more specifics to your request. We do offer consulting and intellectual property licensing services on a limited and case-by-case basis.

Development: Dance Video App

Workprint Innovations designs, develops, and distributes video production related applications for iOS and Android operating systems. Video production is the manipulation of images. The processes required to do this in a highly professional way that will leave you with good results are technically difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. At least it is when you have to use specialized and pricey camera, sound, editing, and special effects equipment. And that doesn’t even bring labor into the equation!

Luckily, this no longer has to be the status quo. High-quality video production is now available to anyone who owns a smartphone and has downloaded one of our applications. Our applications simplify these processes, allowing you to add to or modify video you take with your iPhone. Just point, shoot, and share the results with your friends.


Video is the greatest modern means for communication. It allows one to do more than just text or audio and it is convenient for almost all consumers. This combination of increased creative potential and consumer ubiquity makes it a must for any business involved in advertising, marketing, or communications.

Knowing this, it is easy to understand why the potential and practical uses for Workprint’s applications are almost limitless. If it involves a smartphone and video, we can make it happen for you.

These are just two potential uses for Workprint’s products. The demand for its capabilities, combined with the versatility of the programming and functionality of the product creates a wide variety of potential uses for Workprint’s assets.


Dance Video App Surpasses 10,000 Downloads

CHICAGO (Dec 4, 2012)—Workprint Innovations is proud to announce that its latest app, Dance Video App, has surpassed 10,000 downloads! Dance Video App has been discovered in numerous countries outside of the United States including United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Germany just to name a few… Having received this amount […]

Workprint Innovations Offers Video Production Applications for Mobile Devices

CHICAGO (Sept 10, 2012) Workprint Innovations is the latest commercial enterprise headed by Matthew Cimaglia that designs, develops, and distributes video production applications for iOS and Android operating systems. These applications distill the complicated and expensive processes, equipment, and techniques that are ingrained within the video production industry into an […]